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Mind Body & Soul

Spiritual Personal assessment / guidance / map / mentoring

Dr. Shirli Regev

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Hi to every one of you,

We, at Life’s Wisdom LLC, specialize in:

Spiritual road map,

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, Traditional & Holistic therapy Mind-Body & Soul.

We treat Individuals, Couples & Families.

We offer unique Therapy and holistic counseling in emotional, mental, social & spiritual challenges.

We empower you with skills and tools to overcome and handle negative habits, stress, anxiety, fears, as well as many other challenges.

We also specialize in past life regression, dreams & Bereavement counseling.


How It All Started

Dr. Shirli Regev and Dr. Gil Tivon both owned their own businesses before eventually joining forces a few years ago. As experts in the field of holistic healing and therapy, they believe that working together will result in better services that will only benefit their clients.


Dr. Shirli Regev

Dr. Shirli Regev is a Book Author, Business, Health & Life Mentor & Hypnotherapy Certified (TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY). She holds 2 PhDs in Holistic counseling & Pastoral Counseling Psychology. She is a spiritual mentor and health-life holistic coach who holds a Master's degree in Coaching Education (Ohio University), bachelor degree in Business (Touro University) and special education.

She wrote 7 books among them a spiritual life coaching book named "Journey to the Center of Your Soul." Today she is a Holistic Counseling Doctor, a mom and a wife. Holistic healing coaching addresses all parts of an individual's life, not just the physical aspect. Body ~ Mind~ Soul.

It's an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers, tools, skills and understanding how to live better, healthier lives and own your life’s journey.

Dr. R' Gil Gershon Tivon

Dr. R' Gil Gershon Tivon offers over 20 years of experience of Holistic and Psychological Counseling, as well as Coaching.

He holds 2 PhD's in Holistic counseling and Psychological Counseling. He is the author of many books, some of which are published through Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.

He is a Certified Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapy, mediator as well as Couple Therapy. He specializes also in self-development, life's challenges, fear, anxiety, anger, finding meaning and purpose in life, and is a spiritual mentor to many. He also offers many years of lecturing and teaching workshops.

Mission Statement

We want to help people transition and grow in all aspects of life. With our help, we hope that our clients learn how to live holistically, and not just according to scientific ways.

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